Bristile Overseas Pvt Ltd is leading supplier and Exporter of DDGS

One of the greatest achievements of sustainable energy is the reuse of materials, in the case of bio ethanol production we found that we can obtain Distiller’s dried grains with solubles (DDGS) an animal feed ingredient.There are two types of DDGS is Corn and Rice .

There are two main sources of these grains. The traditional sources were from brewers. More recently,ethanol plants are a growing source. It is created in distilleries by drying mash, and is subsequently sold for a variety of purposes, usually as fodder for livestock (especially ruminants). Corn-based distiller’s grains from the ethanol industry are commonly sold as a high protein livestock feed that increases efficiency and lower the risk of sub-acute acidosis in beef cattle.

Corn & Rice DDGS is an excellent protein source available at competitive price than traditional protein sources, toxin free. It is a revolutionary product which is hygienic and more competitive than the traditional protein sources for chicken feed /cattle feed / animal feed and even Fish feed.



Product Description:

Animal nutrition agro foods

Corn DDGS ( feed stock)

DDGS FEED Grades & Specification
  DDGS High Protein DDGS Mid Protein DDGS Low Protein
Protein Min 50% Min 45% Min 30%
Moisture Max 10% Max 10% Max 10%
Fats 3-5% 3-5% 4-7%
Fiber 4-7% 4-7% 4-7%
Sand Silica 1-3% 1-3% 1-3%
Enegy ( Kcal/Kg) 2800-3200 2800-3200 2800-3200
Pepsin Digestibility Min 85% Min 85% Min 85%
Aflatoxin(< ppb) 20 20 20
Form Powder Powder Powder
Packaging 50 kg PP bags 50 kg PP bags 50 kg PP bags